14 Chrome Extensions to be used if you are a Digital Marketer

5 min readSep 14, 2017


This is how my address bar with extensions look like:

This extension is mostly used by developers and content editors. This extension give me a heads up if I have a broken link in my page and as a digital marketer I also use broken links to reach out to people and market my own tool.

Without it I would literally be going nowhere. This helps me work from anywhere and I have a very bad habit of bookmarking everything I have like 10 folders with 10+ bookmarks in each one of them. This is like a life saver.

Even the best of the writers use Grammarly. Also, it helps me write quora answers ;) The saddest part is it doesn’t work with Google docs which can be a real pain as you will have to use Grammarly’s web app to check the smallest of mistakes.

This is one of the best chrome extension. So easy to use and comes in handy. This extension helps me do the detective work that I love so so much.

Being a writer who gets paid based on number of words, this tool could be the best thing for them. And for a normal writer too this helps to determine length and depth of an article.

Digital marketers love their Dofollow links and it is important to find out if their link is a dofollow or a nofollow for which they worked so hard. And to go and view page source for a particular page this is the best solution there is.

Marketers hate when their data gets tempered and blogging, website optimization and like will be caught in the analytics which can be piss off any marketer. So this add-on is one of the boon to marketing industry.

Keeping a track of your webpages. Their ranks and their position on google is an essential part of digital marketing and this helps in that. A lot. I feel lost without this addon. you will literally be on your knees counting 1,2,3 and then losing track of the numbers and just getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

This extension tracks my emails and help me schedule them as we all know how crucial it is to hit the inbox of the recipient at the right time which increases open and reply rate. Moreover, this helps me keep templates which save a lot of my time from copying and pasting. Plus, this track my links and attachment too.

For website optimization, it is crucial to know the load time and this extension works like magic.

I use some of the web developers tools too and this is one of them. This comes in handy when you want the exact colour in the CTAs as that of the theme (web developers out there know what I am talking about :)

Now, this is very important for digital marketers. Their traffic rank and search analysis and much more can be known by this tiny extension.

This is will spill out all the secrets there are to a website. From what the website use for Video, App development, Javascript Frameworks, Javascript Graphics, Web Server and so much more.

This add-on makes me feel good. Period. This addon will let you where your time is going. How you spent it and where did you waste your time too.

Here are some of the extensions I love but had to remove them as makes chrome a bit slower.

This extension is made just for marketers. It is a tribe. People share amazing content on this but it made my chrome slower and I had to part ways with it. I really miss it. But I do have this extension on my home laptop.

Any tech geek knows what this is. That green circle besides any google result make us feel good.

Chrome add-ons are like god given gifts to us who live all around the world. Some of these addons help me function as a good digital marketer, some of it keeps me productive and some help me in website development.




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